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And so it begins!

So where did this all come from? Put simply, I love fudge. I always have- I love its flavour, its texture, its smell.. I started experimenting with making my own in around 2016, and quickly discovered that I have something of a knack for it!

After much talking about 'wouldn't it be crazy if I were to make it professionally?' and 'It sounds fun, but I'm sure that will never happen!', all of a sudden I made it happen. We started trading at the end of 2019 to a small test market, and have grown steadily since then. The publishing of this very website represents a major step in that growth- rather than just selling over facebook or other forms of social media, we're now opening up to the entire world!

2020 has been a beastly year for almost everyone, and in times of distress, disease and isolation I feel the need for things that bring joy is higher than it has ever been. And what brings more joy than deliciously sweet fudge? Whether as a gift for a friend or loved one, a 'thank you' for a member of your team or just for sheer self-indulgence, sweetness has never been more needed or appreciated.

This is not the final step- keep an eye on our 'Events' section, as once such things are happening again you will be able to find us trading in person at fairs, conventions and events all across the country. Until then- place an order, settle back and relax until a box of happiness comes through your door!

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